Payment accepted in New Zealand dollars and all prices exclude GST.



Goods are consigned at the buyer’s expense. All consignments will be made by common carrier of Cardwells Ltd choosing or Cardwells Ltd discretion. Any unconsigned items will be cancelled. Goods may be consigned by installments. Rejection constitutes delivery.

Method of Delivery: We use a Courier for delivery of all products.

Places: Delivery is only in New Zealand and is estimated overnight delivery for the North Island and 1 – 2 days for the South Island

Tracking: Tracking on all parcels

Customer Obligations: Customer signature is required for collection.



Conditions relating to new goods:-

No representation condition warranty or promise expressed to implied by law or otherwise applies to the sale other than the manufacturer’s written warranty (if any) given to the purchaser.

Without limiting the generality of sub-clause (a) hereto this warranty limited to replacing or repairing any defective part or parts returned to the vendors premises provided that vendor is satisfied that the defect are defects of manufacture and Cardwells Ltd shall not be liable for any loss or damages sustained by the purchaser should be good be defective in anyway, including but not limited to charges for hire,rental, labour, towage, storage, repairs or replacement.

Each new item is warranted free from defects in both workmanship and material provided that the product is correctly installed by a qualified tradesperson and subjected to normal use and service but no warranty shall exceed that given the manufacturer.



All notices of unconsigned goods must be sent in writing to Cardwells Ltd within two working days of delivery together with a copy of the signed receipt, listing these items.


At no time will the liability of the seller exceed the purchase price of the goods in arising.

Ownership of Goods

Legal titles of goods will not pass until the goods are paid for in cash or upon clearance if paid by cheque.


No liability will be unless all the aforementioned conditions have been complied with.


Dispute, if any will be settled by arbitration after the purchaser has paid all monies owing.