WILWOOD ROTOR 11″ X 0.81″ 6 X 6.25″PCD

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Wilwood Ultra-Light straight vane rotors provide high value performance and rugged durability for a wide range of competition high performance and sport driving applications. Dont confuse these rotors with bargain priced off-brand named parts. Wilwoods modern manufacturing capability combined with large scale econmies make it possible to offer this level of quality and performance at such an affordable price.
Wilwood SRP Drilled Performance Rotors feature a specially engineered directional cross drill and face slot pattern that improve brake response and pad performance throughout the entire range of light to heavy braking. The venting and cleaning action of the holes and slots will reduce pad glaze and disperse gasses and heat generated during the pad to rotor interface. The holes and slots also inhibit irregular pad compound build-up on the rotor faces resulting in smoother engagement and improved pedal response in all conditions. The material removed also contributes to lower rotating and unsprung suspension weight.

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