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SCHROEDER Torsion bars provide the vital suspension link between the surface of a race track and a car’s chassis. Torsion bars have as much to do with the car’s response as do its tires, so their quality and consistency are essential to a good performing car. The quality of material, workmanship, heat treatment and finish all have an effect on the performance of the torsion bar. Schroeder uses only aircraft quality high alloy steel to achieve the finest bar possible, and machines their torsion bars with state of the art CNC equipment. Only Schroeder torsion bars are machined in one continuous pass from end to end in order to prevent irregularities. Then they are polished, heat treated to exact specifications, then polished again to assure no surface imperfections exist which could cause a stress point or crack to originate. The bars are then coated with a protective film.

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