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o 5/16-24 O-ring Male to AN-6 Male 5/8 Hex Size
o S.A.E. 37 / 45 Flare (JIC/AN) 9/16-18 thread
o Surface Seal Type Adapter with O-ring Seal
o Silver Zinc Dichromate Finish Mild Steel
o Low profile Hydraulic Brake Assist Return Line AN-6
Adapter with .750” Installed Height

* WARNING: This HBS-9101 adapter installs into a very small 5/16” port on the brake assist unit, and it is therefore VERY easy to overtorque this fitting (which will result in casting thread strippage). This adapter is to be carefully torqued to 10 Foot Pounds as installed into the brake assist unit. You must then hold this fitting absolutely stationary with one wrench while tightening the mating hose end to this adapter with a second wrench to insure proper levels of success in your installation. Please understand that there is absolutely no warranty expressed or implied per the nature of this design.

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