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1955 – 1964 Chevy TRI 5 / Fullsize Hydraulic Brake Assist Unit –
Available with or without 4ft Line kit
Model # 3510-BASE (with line kit)
Model # 3510L-BASE (without line kit)

Special 6 Degree Upward Angled Version of the original straight 3010 / 3610 design
o Designed to visually match the upward angle of the engine as mounted in the chassis
o This model fits Wilwood Tandem Series or the later GM “short rod / shallow” master cylinder design
o This model for use with all small block engines (will clear Big Block with low to medium rise valve covers also)
o CNC Machined T6 billet aluminum direct fit firewall mounting plate design
o All engines with PS pump on driver’s side – compatible with rack and pinion conversions
o For use with disc / drum or disc / disc brakes (not for use with 4 wheel drum brakes)
o Features a stainless steel adjustable brake pedal pushrod to allow for a range of brake pedal height adjustment
o 7 1/4 ” installed length from firewall to MC mounting flange – no firewall modifications required
o Supplied with -6an adapters in two high pressure ports, 90deg low profile nipple on low pressure return
o Not supplied with Power Steering Line Set, high quality 2500 PSI rated plumbing is required on the two high pressure lines (one from the PS pump to the driver’s side of the brake assist unit, and then a other from the engine side of the brake unit down to the steering gear inlet). The third low pressure return line will ideally have only 1-2 PSI in it, so it only needs to be a petroleum rated hose (to prevent swelling in the presence of oils).
o Not for use with factory hydrovac equipped vehicles unless the bellcrank linkage and the hydrovac specific adapter plate / bracket are removed.

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