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Bell’s versatile BR8 can be used in multiple configurations including standard, left or right side forced air, left or right 3/4 top forced air, or top forced air. Utilizing an innovative kit system (included with the helmet), racers can customize the BR8 to adapt to different forms of racing and seat configurations providing the ultimate flexibility in one model. The BR8 features an aerodynamic front duckbill, Double Screen Anti-Fog (DSAF) insert to create a positive visor seal and prevent shield fogging, and rear-facing Venturi airflow vents that prevent dust from entering the helmet while still allowing forced air to be introduced into the helmet. The BR8 features a unique air chamber system that evenly distributes airflow around the head regardless of the top air configuration used. The helmet can be used with or without ear cups.
Lightweight composite shell
Advanced multi-density, multi-piece liner to maximize energy absorption and impact performance
Integrated channels in face piece offer multiple options to install drink tube and radio system
Includes front duckbill to enhance aerodynamic performance
Comes standard with rear facing vents that create a Venturi effect allowing air to exchange and circulate in the helmet white preventing dust and dirt from entering
Can be converted to left or right side air, 3/4 left or right top air, or top air by using a versatile kit system (included) with forced air nozzle and cover plates
Can be used with or without ear cups (ear cups included)
Pre-Threaded M6 Terminal Hardware for Head & Neck Restraint Devices
Interior: Black High Strength – High Comfort FR Fabric
Color: Gloss White and Matte Black
Homologation: Snell SA2020
Visor: #SRV-8 Shield
Pivot kit: SRV-1
Suitable Tearoffs: Racing Optics #10208 or Individuals 01223

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