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Isn’t one of the most important things in drifting a high-performing and reliable e-brake?

ASD custom designed and built its hydro e-brake systems from the best materials possible to provide the maximum performance in the harsh demanding environment of professional drifting competition – as a bonus ASD’s form following function design also happens to look bad-ass too!

ASD reverse mount pull back e-brake has been designed to place the master cylinder further away from the driver. Although not necessary in all vehicles, this improves room for the driver in smaller vehicles – or for larger drivers who are a little more cramped in their cars.
For those who prefer to mount their ASD e-brake on the side of the tunnel rather than on top of the tunnel, this new product also allows a lot more seat room by placing the master cylinder in the forward location and away from the seat.

ASD has created two e-brake designs, based on driver feedback and personal preference – neither is ‘right’ or ‘wrong,’ its down to your handle preference as both designs perform equally. 

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